UPDATE 3/8/10:

Images from Saturday’s meeting:

Those of you who were able to both attend and get into the overcrowded room last month for the CES Review may remember our enthusiasm for Silverline speakers. We felt that the diminutive $1200 Prelude MTM floorstander was not only an outstanding speaker, but also the biggest bang for the buck at the CES. They sounded so huge, I thought the $30,000 Grand Bolero model was playing.

We also came to the conclusion at this year’s CES that despite the bounty of megabuck speaker systems costing over $50,000, state-of-the-art sound can be had for between $10,000 and $15,000. An exemplary representative of that group is the $12,000 Silverline Grand Bolero.

Both these speakers and their creator will be at our next SDMAG meeting less than a month from now on Saturday, March 6th from 2 – 4pm.

Alan Yun is justly enthusiastic and delightfully entertaining in the presentation of his products and this promises to be an interesting meeting.

Bill and Carla Felt, who have hosted two previous meetings, have again agreed to open their spacious home for this demonstration. I feel that a home environment is the ideal way to demonstrate loudspeakers as it reveals best what one might expect to hear in one’s own home. We are lucky that the Felt’s are willing to host such meetings, but we shouldn’t lean too much on any individual, and I hope others with large quarters will also come forward to host one meeting per year.

Saturday, March 6th from 2 – 4pm.


Take I-15 to Via Rancho Pkwy. & head east. The road will curve north and change into Bear Valley Parkway.
Take a right at San Pasqual Road just before the high school. Head east exactly 1.5 miles.
Take a left onto Sunset Hills, head up the hill 300 ft. and take the left branch. Go 900 more feet to #2873 on the left.
Please park on the street and hike up the 200 ft. driveway.

Bill and Carla Felt
2873 Sunset Hills
Escondido, CA 92025.

Home ph: 760 739-8509

Cell: 760 532-2667