The San Diego Music and Audio Guild (SDMAG) was formed in the fall of 1992. Our objective is to present talks, auditions, or performances of interest to audio hobbyists, as well as to provide a friendly atmosphere to meet others with like interests. Guest presentations are made by designers, manufacturers, retailers, reviewers, or performers. An attempt is made to include music related programs in addition to those on audio components. We are quite informal so all meetings are casual. Beverages are served. Approximately 200 Guild members are registered on our mailing list and we meet every month.


  • To provide an opportunity for like-minded music and audio hobbyists to meet regularly in a casual, low-keyed atmosphere.
  • To offer education through manufacturer and designer presentations, auditions, and tours.
  • To encourage the interchange of ideas, questions, and experiences relating to recorded music, components, and system set up among fellow Guildmembers.

Guildmember Dues

Dues are utilized to cover any facility/equipment rental costs as well as supplied beverages for meetings. The SDMAG is strictly a non-profit organization. No annual dues are assessed. A per meeting dues collection of $5 is assessed at the door for each attendee.

Join the Guild

For notification of the next meeting, to be placed on the mailing list, or to inquire about making a presentation to the SDMAG, please include your request and appropriate information in our website contact form. Anyone from newbie to old pro audio hobbyists are welcome.

More on the club origins and history